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We are proud to work with many suppliers who have already been investing in sustainability practices, the following is a spotlight:


PrimeAsia China

PrimeAsia manufactures high quality lifestyle and sports inspired leathers for global branded footwear, apparel and leather goods markets with an annual production capacity of around 128 million square feet (sq. ft) of leather. Its manufacturing site in China, which CSC contracts with, produces 5.5 million sq. ft of leather per month. As water is a necessary resource for the creation of leather, PrimeAsia strives to reduce water use and over the past five years has reduced fresh water intake by 21.5%. Advanced wastewater treatment and water recycling systems installed in December 2012 enables PrimeAsia China to recycle approximately 54% of their water.


Learn more about PrimeAsia’s water sustainability commitment here.

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PrimeAsia internally sets our own fresh water reduction goals that we hold ourselves accountable for meeting.
To meet these fresh water reduction goals requires increased usage of recycled water as tanning is still a water intensive process, more research is going into reducing total overall water usage as well. As a company we understand the risks of future water shortages to our industry, as well as the importance of becoming a circular manufacturing tannery. To meet these goals, the PrimeAsia China team is focused on implementing the best energy efficient methods for ensuring high quality recycled water is utilized back in the retannage drums as well as the other areas of the tannery that require water.