By setting up clear and ambitious sustainability goals and managing them closely, PrimeAsia believes it can create a virtuous cycle, which through creativity and innovation, will result in continuous improvement, more efficient processes and sustainable products.


Engagement is another important factor when developing new solutions and best practices. By clearly communicating its goals and performance, PrimeAsia endeavors connecting its value chain in the development of new approaches that will benefit not only in its own operations, but also with its suppliers, customers and consumers.


More information about PrimeAsia’s Sustainability Goals can be found below. To access the full version of the 2019 Sustainability Report, please click on the following link.


2019 Sustainability Report



PrimeAsia's Sustainability Goals


Move towards zero waste and increased efficiencies


Reduce usage of finite resources


Utilize more sustainable raw materials through collaboration with supply chain partners


Engaging our employees, customers and suppliers in social and environmentally responsible choices



Our 5 Year Energy, Water and Waste Reduction Goals 2019-2023 

  • Energy decrease 15% per square foot of leather manufactured
  • Water decrease 30% per square foot of leather manufactured
  • Waste decrease 30% per square foot of leather manufactured
  • Renewable energy sources increase from 20% to 75%
  • Recycled water increase from 29% to 70% of total water utilized


Current Status

















Learn more about PrimeAsia's Energy, Water and Waste Systems

Energy, Solar Hot Water System



Energy, Biomass Boiler


Water, Wastewater Treatment and Recycling


Waste, Sludge Dryer