Monitoring System and Leather Traceability

- The Responsibly Raised Initiative in Brazil was developed in partnership with Minerva Foods and its Organic Beef Program.

- All farms are evaluated by an advanced Geospatial Monitoring System.

- By cross referencing satellite images, georeferenced maps from suppliers and both national and private database sources, the monitoring system is able to verify and ensure that farms:

  • Are not in the Ministry of Labor blacklist for forced labor
  • Are not in the Ministry of Environment – IBAMA – embargoed area list
  • Have SICAR geolocation maps (land regularization)
  • Are not in protected indigenous areas
  • Are not in environmental protected areas

- All hides in the program are traceable back to the farm of birth.

- Through its unique cloud-based platform, PrimeAsia can easily share traceability information with customers, including the farm of origin, its current monitoring status and georeferenced maps.

- The information is shared via QR code, which can be accessed easily with any computer or smart devices connected to the internet.


Environmental Practices

- PrimeAsia's new Responsibly Raised partner sources its hides from Organic farms in Brazil, ensuring a high level of environmental stewardship all the way back to the farm of birth.

- Farms and beef processing facilities are certified Organic and the tanneries currently involved are LWG rated.

- All farms are certified against the USA National Organic Program standard to ensure they are in line with its highest criteria, which includes:

  • Responsible use of natural resources
  • The use of rotational land management for improved pasture efficiency and sustainability
  • Soil health and soil fertility
  • Protection of water sources, wetlands and adjacent areas
  • No usage of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers
  • No use of hormones or growth promotants


Animal Welfare

- The Organic certification of farms also encompasses a strong approach to animal welfare.

- The verification process covers important aspects of animal welfare that are in line with the Five Animal Freedoms, which include:

  • Animal health care
  • Adequate nutrition
  • Appropriate housing, pasture conditions and sanitation practices
  • Proper conditions for expressing the natural animal behaviors
  • Practices that minimize pain and stress
  • Correct administration of vaccines and veterinary care