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In 2019, PrimeAsia partnered with Tyson Foods to create and promote leathers on fresh hides coming from Tyson’s Open Prairie® Natural Meats program.


The cattle for Open Prairie® Natural Meats are responsibly raised with strict third party verification, including animal well-being standards, required by all partners, including ranchers, feed yards, and employees.  vegetarian diet
The cattle are fed a 100 percent vegetarian diet, and raised with no antibiotics, no added hormones and no growth promotants. vegetarian diet
Leathers made from these cattle are fully traceable to their place of birth through the Trusted Path TM Program, which is also third party verified throughout the production cycle. vegetarian diet
Land stewardship practices that promote the conservation of natural resources play an important part in the lives of the ranching families that grow the cattle. vegetarian diet


For more information on Tyson’s Open Prairie® Natural Meats program, please visit https://openprairienatural.com/