Description: Innovative Life-Shield W/P leather with unparalleled benefits and features
Tear Strength: 25N
Tensile strength: 7 Mpa
Stitch Tear: 60N
Weight Range: 1.4 - 1.6mm
Temper: 3.5 - 5.0
Oil Content: <10%
Leather Type: FG
Classification: Smooth
Finish: Aniline
Waterproof: Yes
dmf breathable quickdry


For decades, our focus at PrimeAsia has been discovering innovative ways to advance manufacturing and create something unique and exciting that hasn't been done before... A modern way forward for the industry and our customers. After years of research and development we brought you ACCORD, fusing together traditional leather manufacturing with cross-industry technologies. Re-engineering a natural, sustainable material to improve attributes of aesthetics and performance. But at PrimeAsia, we never stop creating newness. Today, we bring you the next evolution of ACCORD, merging the unlocked potential of leather with our Life-Shield Waterproof technology. With dry feet, ultra-breathability, and limitless comfort, it's time to step out, rain or shine and unlock your potential ACCORD Life-Shield W/P.



Please contact your local PrimeAsia representative for interest in combining ACCORD Life-Shield W/P with Gore compatible footwear.

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