By working directly with its long term supply partners, PrimeAsia Leather is continuously looking to develop raw material pipelines that result in more sustainable practices, which in turn promotes strong stewardship within our facilities and throughout our supply chain.


Understanding this need for continuous and sustainable improvements up and down the supply chain, PrimeAsia Leather launched its Responsibly Raised program in 2020. Through engagement with suppliers and key stakeholders, we identified and worked to promote initiatives that result in - amongst others – the better use of natural resources, lower emissions, improved labor conditions, sound animal welfare standards and full transparency throughout our value chain.


After our first partnership focused on hides from the United States, we have expanded the program to include organic farms in Brazil. This will allow the company to produce the majority of its leather products on raw materials from its Responsibly Raised Initiatives, resulting in added flexibility for its customers.















Episode 1 - Jon Clark, Chief Executive Officer of PrimeAsia introduces PrimeAsia's Responsibly Raised Initiative.

Episode 2Fernando Bellese, Chief Sustainability Officer of PrimeAsia discusses the importance of animal welfare and environmental stewardship within the supply chain.

Episode 3Ian Scher, VP of Procurement at PrimeAsia discusses transparency, traceability, as well as security of supply and peace of mind sourcing, all important cornerstones of PrimeAsia's core USP.

Episode 4Steve Savino, President of Global Marketing, discusses the added value of PrimeAsia's Responsibly Raised initiative.

Episode 5 – Do you know where your leathers come from?

Episode 6 – Live Monitoring and Full Lifecycle Traceability.







Monitoring System and Leather Traceability

- The Responsibly Raised Initiative in Brazil was developed in partnership with Minerva Foods and its Organic Beef Program.


- All farms are evaluated by an advanced Geospatial Monitoring System.


- By cross referencing satellite images, georeferenced maps from suppliers and both national and private database sources, the monitoring system is able to verify and ensure that farms:


  • Are not in the Ministry of Labor blacklist for forced labor
  • Are not in the Ministry of Environment – IBAMA – embargoed area list
  • Have SICAR geolocation maps (land regularization)
  • Are not in protected indigenous areas
  • Are not in environmental protected areas


- All hides in the program are traceable back to the farm of birth.


- Through its unique cloud-based platform, PrimeAsia can easily share traceability information with customers, including the farm of origin, its current monitoring status and georeferenced maps.


- The information is shared via QR code, which can be accessed easily with any computer or smart devices connected to the internet.





Environmental Practices

- PrimeAsia's new Responsibly Raised partner sources its hides from Organic farms in Brazil, ensuring a high level of environmental stewardship all the way back to the farm of birth.


- Farms and beef processing facilities are certified Organic and the tanneries currently involved are LWG rated.


- All farms are certified against the USA National Organic Program standard to ensure they are in line with its highest criteria, which includes:


  • Responsible use of natural resources
  • The use of rotational land management for improved pasture efficiency and sustainability
  • Soil health and soil fertility
  • Protection of water sources, wetlands and adjacent areas
  • No usage of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers
  • No use of hormones or growth promotants


Animal Welfare

- The Organic certification of farms also encompasses a strong approach to animal welfare.


- The verification process covers important aspects of animal welfare that are in line with the Five Animal Freedoms, which include:


  • Animal health care
  • Adequate nutrition
  • Appropriate housing, pasture conditions and sanitation practices
  • Proper conditions for expressing the natural animal behaviors
  • Practices that minimize pain and stress
  • Correct administration of vaccines and veterinary care





In 2019, PrimeAsia partnered with Tyson Foods to create and promote leathers on fresh hides coming from Tyson’s Open Prairie® Natural Meats program.


The cattle for Open Prairie® Natural Meats are responsibly raised with strict third party verification, including animal well-being standards, required by all partners, including ranchers, feed yards, and employees.


The cattle are fed a 100 percent vegetarian diet, and raised with no antibiotics, no added hormones and no growth promotants.


Leathers made from these cattle are fully traceable to their place of birth through the Trusted Path TM Program, which is also third party verified throughout the production cycle.


Land stewardship practices that promote the conservation of natural resources play an important part in the lives of the ranching families that grow the cattle.



For more information on Tyson’s Open Prairie® Natural Meats program, please visit