In a continuous effort to increase the use of scientific-based approaches in its operations, PrimeAsia is excited to introduce one of the most comprehensive Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) in the leather and footwear industries. The LCA was carried out using a novel approach, utilizing primary data to analyze all elements contributing to the environmental impacts of PrimeAsia's production. It will be used to measure, manage and reduce PrimeAsia's manufacturing and product footprint.

LCA Overview



PrimeAsia's LCA results have been independently reviewed and approved for use on the Higg Index, an industry platform that is highly accessible and visible to customers and stakeholders. The results are divided into two categories to reflect the principal raw materials used in the processing of PrimeAsia leathers. A lower score on the Higg Index represents a more environmentally preferred material.




Product-specific Environmental Impact 05

By mapping the environmental aspects of 28 different aggregated categories through our LCA, PrimeAsia has obtained valuable insight into the more resource-intensive areas of our business. This has allowed for the creation of efficient and targeted management strategies for the use and conservation of these resources.






05 2



*Considering 85 points on water usage - Tannery Category D (Tanned to Finished)
**Considering 75 points on energy consumption +10 for renewable energy - Tannery Category D (Tanned to Finished)

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