Our supply chain is a story of people and circularity. An origin story that connects families, land, and industry into a never-ending daisy chain. Creating traditions and legacies to carry on for all generations that come after. At the intersection of new and old is taking care of what’s important and valuing the longevity of the things that connect us.


What is at the core of who we are? The answer is in our heart and soul, the connection to our roots, and the building blocks of our creations. It’s in our DNA. It knows where we come from and charts a course for our future. From origin story, to iconic, to a legacy that lives on. It all starts with a harmonious blend of Design, Nature, and Application. It's not just leather. It's a reflection of who we are. It’s what we’re made of.





fw25 001






fw25 002  Elemental


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